Wifi Ruckus

A customer asked my engineering team to evaluate a new product this week – wifi gear from Ruckus Wireless.

I had never really heard about the company or products short of references to their entertaining ad (above) that got some buzz by featuring a mock evangelical Baptist preacher – and then a follow-up mock apology for the content. Looking at the web site, I saw the CEO is Selina Lo who was an officer at dot-com darling Alteon Websystems and co-founder of Centillion (both companies were purchased by – and left to die at – the Nortel/Bay/Synoptics graveyard). Regardless, I realized how much I had lost touch with the wireless industry. I guess I have considered a commodity market with a convenient but non-essential product. My only hands-on experience with the technology is limited to fighting with cheap consumer grade at my house.

I recall a Network World article from last month which listed the top five vendors, and now that I go back and look it, Ruckus is mentioned in a footnote as a more-or-less tie for fifth place.