Why aren’t you here?

I recently received some criticism because I called into a weekly management meeting rather than attend in person. I had busted my leg that previous weekend and I figured the ordeal of trying to fit pants over a wrapped-up knee cap and racing with crutches to make a 9:00a meeting warranted a good excuse. That’s fine. Such is life in consulting and management. But it does reinforce the largess I offer my directs in regards to rigorous meeting attendance.

Sometimes I feel my generosity is abused, but I am glad I err on the conservative side. As long as people meet their deliverables and satisfy the customer, we as managers can make some compromises on internal meetings. We may sometimes need to sacrifice ego as we perform day-to-day management of our teams. In IT, many times we sacrifice the weekend and holidays most people enjoy, and we need to provide some give-and-take in other areas.

That said, revenue-generating activities have a different urgency. IT managers have a responsibility to differentiate.