A Hero’s Departure and VMWorld 2012 Announcements

VMWorld 2012 was held in San Francisco this week and it generated alot of news.

Not the least of which was a new licensing model based on CPU rather than virtual memory when you buy the bundle  – now called VMWare vCloud Suite. The previous model had been given the derogatory term of “vTax”; author Scott Lowe discusses the ramifications here. The VMWare vCloud Suite Suite includes VMware vSphere 5.1,  VMware vCloud DirectorVMware vCloud Networking, and vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5.

Network World noted that despite predictions that VMWare and Cisco would part ways after VMWare’s purchase of Nicira, the companies made a joint announcement about teaming on “software defined data center” products.

CEO (no ex-CEO) Maritz’s keynote said 60% of x86 workloads as opposed to 25% in 2008. Not sure how they measured that, but regardless that is impressive. Session replays are on the site. Worth a look.

Elsewhere, Bernanke has a “grave concern” about the continued high rate in unemployment and said the Fed is primed to jump in again.

The WSJ had a funny piece on comedic treatment of the 2012 election, This Election Is No Laughing Matter.

Finally, we also lost a hero this week.

I was six when Neil Armstrong made history, but I remember watching the event and talking about it with my father and mother. Loved his interview on 60 Minutes several years ago. Loved the movie. Loved it all.

“Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed”.

Neil Armstrong, RIP, sir. You definitely had The Right Stuff.