The 12 Things Good Bosses Believe

Robert Sutton (author of the No Asshole Rule) guest-blogged on HBR with “The 12 Things Good Bosses Believe“.

Since the author is trying to sell books, we managers must take this with a grain of salt, but I really like a few of these:

#1: I have a flawed and incomplete understanding of what it feels like to work for me.

This is so true, and it applies in our roles as spouse and father as well.

#2: My success — and that of my people — depends largely on being the master of obvious and mundane things, not on magical, obscure, or breakthrough ideas or methods.

I like this because it alludes to production control and the laborious but critical routine of checking, testing and monitoring. However, I still depend on my team for magical and breakthrough ideas. IT management may be mundane, but the cool stuff the hands-on folks get to do should only rarely be.

#5: My job is to serve as a human shield, to protect my people from external intrusions, distractions, and idiocy of every stripe — and to avoid imposing my own idiocy on them as well.

There is dysfunction in EVERY organization, and some more than others. Such dysfunction is usually a huge de-motivator for engineers and administrators. While we need to communicate what’s happening, we need to filter BS as much as possible.