Thanksgiving – Five I am thankful for

Ideally every Thanksgiving, we should think back over the year on the things in our lives we are thankful for. If I were to broaden this and consider it from a professional perspective over the previous twelve months, I would mention these items.

  • iPhone 3Gs: I had the first generation iPhone and loved it; yet the 3G access in the new model made it viable when not connected via WiFi.
  • Good DBAs: To have a DBA that understands operations and infrastructure yet has a background in development and interacting with coders is invaluable. Invaluable!
  • WordPress: How handy to have a platform to publish your own content without a stable of web developers.
  • MOM: It’s not heterogeneous, it’s not free and it’s not perfect, but having a centralized well-integrated monitoring tool to watch all my Windows servers and services has saved a lot of blood, sweat, and tears.
  • Stable data centers: In my career, I have managed server rooms that leak when it rains to Tier 4 data center fortresses. During this past year, I have been fortunate to have moved many high-profile apps out of a basement computer room to a Tier 3 facility. Now only half of my applications go down when we have a power outage. :-)