Thanksgiving – Five I am thankful for in 2010

Last Thanksgiving I listed five items from the previous twelve months of my IT management career I was thankful for. Here’s my list for 2010.

  • Good staff: They are the brains of the operation. They make us look good.
  • Cheap workflow management tools: During this last year, I was able to automate a laborious change management process that had been based on Word forms and email with Atlassian’s Jira. Sure, there are better tools that will integrate with your code libraries, helpdesk, incident management and problem management, but if you do not have the time and support to push through a business case soliciting tens of thousands of dollars of funding, Jira will do the trick. People hate process, so the more you can make it easier and simpler, the better.
  • Safari Books Online: O’Reilly’s complete and most current bookshelf and video library. Searchable. All for the price of a book a month.
  • iPad: A bigger, faster iPhone: Very cool and the future for end-user devices. I just wish Jobs & Co. would get over the Flash hurdle.
  • The US economy: We are still in a period of high-unemployment and arguably barely out of recession, but it survived.