Ten careers ruined by tech?

I enjoyed reading Ziff-Davis’ Samara Lynn’s “10 Jobs Wrecked by Tech“. These types of articles come out periodically and, of course, The IT Manager has its opinions. Here is her list with comments.

  1. Postal Worker: Is this a casualty of the Internet or just a government organization’s lethargic response to change? Stock prices of UPS and Fedex have moved higher in the last decade.
  2. E-mail Administrator: I don’t completely agree. First, the email admin was created by “Tech”. And secondly, Tech has cannibalized its own creation. I won’t argue “more online time is spent on social networking than emailing”, but I do not know that is relevant.  The issue with the profession of email administration is consolidation. Email is one of the oldest services in computing and has become a commodity product. There is little incentive to host email internally over moving it to the cloud. Thus, less email admins will be required.
  3. Any Job in the Print Industry: While I cannot disagree, this item must be qualified. Print is no longer the ruling monarch, indeed. But as far as the wreck, this car is not “totaled”, but in fact very drivable. I don’t see the lightweight disposable print medium going away, yet obviously the demand for ink, paper, and the human resources required to produce that product has diminished.
  4. Old School Journalist: Again I think this must be qualified. The wrecked car is again very drivable. Sure the casual citizen journalists with a cell phone have trimmed the fat of the profession, but the skill is still in demand and the author concedes this.
  5. Receptionist: Samara writes:  “The era of a dedicated receptionist whose sole job function is to meet and greet and answer phones is dead (at least in businesses that aren’t huge enterprises). Sure, there are SMBs with people hired to answer the phone, but often these folks aren’t solely receptionists, but also act as administrative workers juggling many different responsibilities.”  This is very correct. Admin workers are being asked to learn office automation skills in addition to their traditional duties.
  6. Paging Service Operator: Yep, agreed.
  7. Collator: Agreed, again.
  8. Photo Developer: Yeah, but the demand for photo manipulation has risen.
  9. Bike Messenger: Maybe, but isn’t that really a vocation dedicated to New York City? And fax seems to be the real competitor here.
  10. Traditional Celebrity: Yeah, probably, but the IT Manager doesn’t really care. Good riddance.