Social Media Onslaught

This train’s a-comin’…

My company recently had a custom social media strategy developed by Domus Consulting Group. In late spring, our CEO sent out his Linked-In, Facebook, and Twitter information and has encouraged all employees to connect/friend/follow him. He challenged everyone to establish 100,000 connections among all our networks over the next 45 days. Domus led a series of webinars explaining the strategy and providing introductory social media training to employees and our customers last month. His strategy is to create a product offering that will allow our customers to take advantage of marketing through social media outlets.

I suspect this is a trend within many other organizations. So after spending the first part of the social media revolution trying to keep it out of IT, protecting bandwidth, guarding against viruses, and preventing supposed time wasting activities, we are now going to have to embrace it wholeheartedly!