So Long TMG (aka ISA)

Microsoft formally announced the pasturing of the Forefront line including TMG (formerly ISA Server) as of December 1.

UAG, short for “Unified Access Gateway”, stays on as the successor. UAG is NOT just a renaming of TMG (as TMG was with ISA, and as ISA was with Microsoft Proxy); rather it is a separate product built by an Israeli company M$ acquired.

I have a personal attachment to UAG/ISA. I found it a welcome respite from the PIX/ASA command line, but I could only recommend it as a firewall ( vs. proxy server) for the non-profit, TechSoup crowd where licensing costs are negligible.

The Shinders (Tom and Debra) and many others have made a career out of supporting the product. was/is a nice community.

Hate this… particularly because of the time and money I have personally spent learning this product. :cry: