SharePoint External Connector is…

Continuing¬† on with the posts about my gradually enlightening with SharePoint components and marketing, I thought I had an epiphany today about Internet users of Sharepoint. My SharePoint consultant tells me that the “external connector” module – noted by my reseller as product ID “SharePointIntrntSitesEnt 2010″, is “merely” a license. There is no software. I had known that the product was primarily to license Internet users, but I had always assumed there was an actual piece of software. Thus the ~$40K price tag is solely for the license. (Note there are additional costs as well, such as maybe an additional web server and consulting time to set it up.¬†Also, you can only buy 2010 now, but there is downgrade rights.)

All that said, a quick Google leads me to the SharePoint Team Blog on MSDN with the post Update to SharePoint Server 2010 for Internet Sites. This seems to reference actual software and even a trial version.


Still Confused