Seven Deadliest Communication Mistakes

PMPs are frequently offered short hour-long webinars to assist with the yearly professional development unit (PDU) requirement for certification maintenance. The vast majority are marketing presentations offering a teaser for a product, service, or expanded training opportunity. Today’s “The 7 Deadliest Communication Sins of Project Managers” was just that, with links and white papers to a very sales-oriented website and pitch.

That said, I was very impressed with the presentation and content of Skip Weisman’s webinar. He described these seven sins of PM’s when communicating to their teams.

  • Lack of specifity in communications
  • Lack of focus on desirable behaviors
  • Lack of directness
  • Lack of immediacy
  • Inappropriate tone
  • Lack of focused attention
  • Disrespectful rebuttals

The actual communication from Skip is dated today whenever you see it, and the website is a tacky infomercial, but checkout the whitepaper. Good stuff despite the salespitch.