Sandy gears up

This week, Hurricane Sandy gears up to attack the East Coast.

Windows 8 and Windows Surface went on sale.

Apple introduced a mini 8″ iPad, a new full-size iPad, 13″ Macbook Pro Retina, and new iMacs. The big surprise was the new full-size iPad, only six months from the last incarnation. The “iPad mini” was expected. I like the buzz going around on the forums … “if you’re anxious because your iPad is too big and your iPhone is too small, you really need to re-evaluate your priorities!”.

On this same day, Network World reported that U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE)  is switching over 17,600 users from BlackBerry to iPhone.

Cisco finalized an ACE ADC replacement strategy with Citrix, surely to VMWare’s shagrin.

Amazon continues to investigate Monday’s outage.

Cover story on this week’s Network World magazine, “The better hire: the 50-year-old IT veteran or the fresh grad?” The aging, nearing-50 part of me votes for the vet, while the IT manager in me trying to do more with less wants to look hard at the fresh grad.  :-(