Management related… Books/sites:


  • The Cranky Middle Manager, Wayne Turmel’s irreverent but insightful look at middle management
  • Manager Tools, run by Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne, who expanded the endeavor into Manager Tools LLC, a management consulting firm
  • PM Podcast, Cornelius Fitchner’s long-running podcast looking at project management “for beginners and experts” (and you can get PDUs!)
  • The Project Management Podcast, Ron Holohan’s project management Internet radio show

Technical related … Books/periodicals/sites:

  • Channel 9, a Microsoft technology site (
  • ComputerWorld - once a weekly magazine, now it’s a website only as of June 2014; it has a good management focus
  • InfoWorld, one of the first weekly magazines I started reading way back when – now I read the blogs from the likes of Bob Lewis, Paul Venezia, Woody Leonard, etc.
  • IT BusinessEdge
  • Microsoft Technet, a must for Microsoft shops
  • Network World, magazine and web site focusing on enterprise networking
  •, formerly the bi-weekly PC Magazine periodical, now more focused on consumer and end-user hardware and software
  • The Register, “Biting the Hand That Feeds IT”
  • Safari Books Online, a subscription service that provides access to a massive technical library for $40/month
  •, blog of deep dives into infrastructure
  • Tech Republic, a ZDNet web property with a focus on corporate IT
  • WSJ, always the Wall Street Journal… it’s ridiculously expensive, but wuddya gonna do?
  • xkcd, a sometimes hilarious web comic for techies


  • IT Management & Cloud Podcast, Michael Cotes and John Willis’ current news on cloud computing… although this appears to have podfaded
  • Mike Tech Show, a very information podcast by an ex-corporate IT manager, although now he runs his own consultant shop catering to small business
  • Packet Pushers, a networking podcast and blogsite
  • Run As Radio, a “weekly Internet Audio Talk Show for IT Professionals working with Microsoft products”
  • Security Now, Steve’s Gibson’s weekly look at computer security, oriented towards desktops and end-users