Work Plan Templates

In order to ensure the requisite variables are addressed and to make the planning process more palatable to participants, the IT manager may want to create a template for the work plan document. Templates are especially useful when the IT manager pushes down the planning and coordination responsibilities to junior project managers or technical leads. In some cases, an IT manager or PM might be accountable to a PMO who requires artifacts adhere to a certain standard.

The template also provides the opportunity for to embed checklists and content that is specific to an organization or consistent throughout every project or change activity. For example, every implementation may likely require an entry in a change management system, notation in a CMDB, addition to a backup routine, or approval from an account manager.

The template must be a living document. As time passes, the PM will likely discover items that should be included, refined or removed to improve the effectiveness of the work plan. As the technical environment evolves, or as the organization restructures, the template will likely need to reflect those changes.

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