Work Plan Meetings

Depending on the nature of the implementation event, the IT manager, PM, or lead will want to have one or multiple meetings around the work plan. Typically, a PM or lead will gather a small group to formulate the backbone of the plan, then host a larger meeting to gather detailed input, and then hold a final meeting just prior to the event to ensure everyone understands their responsibility.

While no one needs any more meetings, the IT manager will likely find that the effort of identifying and discussing the material included in the work plan and then performing a group review of the compiled information will be invaluable in itself. The knowledge created and shared in this endeavor many times is what makes the implementation a success.

The PM or lead should also expect to attend a change management meeting to represent the activity and solicit approval within the IT organization. Again depending on the nature of the implementation, the IT manager or PM may meet with customers or those directly affected by the change to prepare them accordingly.

Finally, the PM or lead may want a post mortem meeting after implementation. Here the team can review the work plan to determine if all the tasks were executed to satisfaction. The team can document remaining issues and assign responsibilities for resolution. This meeting may also provide input to the lessons learned knowledgebase for the project.

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