What physically is a work plan?

The work plan document is typically built with office productivity software such as a word processor or spreadsheet. Project software is not the best output tool, since it is less tolerant of free form text, although it may be an input tool from which to import task listings. While the plan could be created as an online web page or within another application, ideally it is easily modified and can be generated in hard copy. Particularly with infrastructure projects, online copies may not be available during an implementation window.

The work plan is typically not too formal, since the audience is the project team itself. Accordingly, the plan author should not labor excessively over cosmetics and should bite their tongue when team members draft portions that lack grammatical perfection. In some cases, however, the IT manager or PM might pass along the work plan to a customer or sponsor, to give them a feeling of comfort that the team is well-prepared for the event. In those cases, the work plan may need to have more polish.

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