SOW: Customer Responsibility and Deliverables

The SOW exists to define the work of the project team, yet that work likely depends on some input and deliverables from the customer or other parties. Accordingly, it is prudent to list those general responsibilities up-front the document. Obvious items include the following.

  • Providing requirements
  • Providing timely (make sure to define) reviews and approvals to project and design documents
  • Following standards and procedures (such as SDLC, release management, change management, security standards, etc.)
  • Technical preparation required to make the deliverable work that is not within the scope of the project team (such as desktop upgrades, WAN upgrades, coding interfaces, upgrading database software, etc.)

The items listed here could also be defined as “assumptions”. Arguably, this whole section could be removed and just be included in the Assumptions component. This is perfectly valid, yet there is some value in specifically highlighting a customer responsibility. And, in some cases, especially for critical components, they maybe should be listed in both here and in Assumptions.

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