SOW (Statement of Work)

Projects fail or succeed based on whether they meet (or are perceived to meet) success criteria. In most cases, the criteria of success is subjective and the parties to a project can easily develop their own interpretations of both the nature of the work and what that work is to accomplish. Someone must take responsibility to define these items up-front and then continue to manage the expectations of their stakeholders and project team through constant communication. That “someone” is likely YOU! You are going to need a document of record and a point of reference…. i.e., a Statement of Work, or SOW.

A well-designed SOW can make a project a success, whereas a poorly designed SOW can result in the labeling of a project as a failure, no matter how successfully the work was completed. The SOW is an agreement among all project stakeholders on what the work is, how and when it will be performed, and how deviations will be addressed. The SOW is the project roadmap.

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