Proctor & Gamble Restrict Internet Use

Catching up on stories and email and saw the WSJ‘s “P&G Curbs Employees’ Internet Use” from last week where “on an average day employees were viewing 50,000 five-minute YouTube videos and listening to 4,000 hours of music on Pandora.”

My first reaction is… hello, tell your managers to manage their people… how is it they have the time to watch videos? And of course, there are some top performers working their butts off that may take some midday downtime to re-energize with high-bandwidth entertainment.

Of course, I realize that is short-sighted. I can see how average-performing employees – content to be average employees – can meet their deliverables and still suck an impacting amount of bandwidth for non-work purposes. Thus the IT manager in me agrees with this tactic even while the technologist and populist in me bristles.

In a related CNN piece, a P&G spokesman said…

As P&G drives to become one of the most digitally advanced companies in the world, more and more of our business processes, applications and systems are being web enabled. That in turn makes bandwidth capacity and availability even more critical.