The RFC, or request for change, is the entry artifact to the change management process.

Hopefully, the RFC will physically will be a form in an application, but it could be a Microsoft Office document in smaller shops.

The RFC should, at a minimum, contain the following information.

  • unique control number, which is necessary for reporting and mapping to other service management records
  • description of the change
  • categorization of change: The change should have one or more elements of categorization to help the audience understand the impact and breadth of effects. It may be classified by functional type (e.g., application, network, etc.), business platform, local or enterprise, etc.
  • change owner
  • risk analysis: Ideally there will be both some quantitative and as well as qualitative information.
  • outage window
  • backout plan

For more complex changes, the change advisory board (CAB) may demand a detailed work plan.

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