Power Systems Still Popular

IBM announced final quarter and full year earnings last week. While 4Q earnings beat Wall Street’s expectations, the most impressive item was buried deeper in the text: revenue from all of their hardware lines decreased except for Power Systems, which was up 6% for its 15th consecutive quarter of gains. You sure don’t hear that kind of news from Oracle/Sun and HP.

Power Systems is the moniker given the consolidated line of their legacy mid-range products – i-Series (aka AS/400) and p-Series (RS/6000) – which merged a few years back with the POWER6 cpu I believe. It amazes me that the i and the p basically run natively on the same hardware, and it still amazes me more how the i, the p, and the x (x-Series Intel-based servers) blades can all run in the same chassis. This would have been unfathomable ten years ago.