PMs … the quick and the dead…

In contrast to the question posed in yesterday’s post on project management, today Bob Lewis says “Thanks to the maneuver warfare that modern business has become, it’s now the single most important discipline in the enterprise” in InfoWorld‘s “IT project managers – The quick and the dead: What used to matter most in IT project management — cost and quality — now ranks below speed, capacity, and adaptability“.

I much enjoy his metaphors and puns.

From Wikipedia… The Quick and the Dead (idiom)

Secular Usage:

The phrase has been commonly used throughout English-speaking history since its first publication in the 1549 Book of Common Prayer [1]. In particular it has been as a title for novels, films and other popular culture entities, in some cases to describe the act of gunfighting. The usage of the phrase in many such secular contexts uses the modern English meaning of the word quick meaning fast or smart rather than alive, either as the result of a misunderstanding or for the purposes of creating a double entendre (e.g. quick vs. dead in the context of gun battles can play on the fact that the being fast is generally a prerequisite for winning, and by implication, staying alive).