Oracle Releases Java with Bugs

Oracle’s first release of Java, SE 7, shipped with bugs which In the best case scenario, cause the JVM to crash and in the worst case scenario, they cause incorrect execution of loops.. Furthermore, it was the ASF that caught it. Remember Oracle ran off the ASF from the Java Community late last year.after squabbling over Oracle’s new Draconian licensing practices.

InfoWorld reported that Oracle knew about the bug and released it anyway. As comments on the Slashdot thread inferred, Sun was no saint, but this negligence from Oracles reaches new levels.

Many say Oracle is ruining Java just like Sun, HP, and other greedy vendors ruined Unix ten years ago. While I have no hands-on development experience with Java, I helped start a Java hosting offering a few years ago. We need Java; we need a balance of power out there with .Net. Come on Oracle, shame!