Online Training

My team has introduced me to two fantastic online training sites.

First there is, where for $30/month you can choose from hundreds of generally eight hour training sessions produced by themselves. The tutorials cover software and technical concepts for end-users, programmers and sysadmins. I have found the instructors to be well-spoken, knowledgeable, and uniform across subjects. They seem to be slighly slow in getting modules out for newer technology and they are very deficient with offerings for true networking (e.g., Cisco, circuits, protocols); however, I find the service still worth its monthly cost for all-you-can-eat especially in these recessionary days when funding for training classes is even harder to come by than usual. Personally, I prefer this format rather than several days of continuous lecture and information overload.

Next there is Safari Books Online from the O’Reilly folks which I had heard of before but had not really investigated. For $43/month, you get access to a very large array of technical books and a few training videos as well. It also allows you to search for a phrase or subject across its entire library, so it’s great tool for troubleshooting. I am still not used to reading books digitally, but I suppose we all will be gradually forced to adapt to that.