No email with Blackberry Playbook?

I have been anxiously awaiting RIM’s entry into the tablet market but was sure depressed after Walter Mossberg’s review in today’s WSJ.

There’s no email!! You have to hookup with your handheld Blackberry to get it. What was RIM thinking? Supposedly RIM is going to add the functionality this summer, but its vaporware until then. Mossberg said “I got the strong impression that RIM is scrambling to get the product to market”. I’ll say. But they are over a year-behind Apple. How could it not have been perfect? He also cited bug-related crashes and 5-6 battery life as opposed to the 8-10 RIM promised, and a lack of apps.

He said the screen size and resolution is lower than the iPad, but that it was still “gorgeous”. I was really excited about its Flash support; Mossberg said he could not find a Flash site he could not run.

I really like the iPad, but just cannot recommend plunking down $500 for a device that cannot fully surf. But how can one justify plunking down $500 for a device that can surf but cannot get email?