Microsoft Project Conference 2012

I have never been to a Microsoft Project Conference… I rarely make MPUG meetings…. but the¬†Microsoft Project Conference 2012 sessions are online here¬†(and here) and I found a few of them pretty good.

The session syllabuses (syllabi?) are listed here, but note the labs weren’t recorded.

I recommend Travis Crittenden’s “The painters, the policemen and the Pope… understanding task movement in Microsoft Project 2010″ for a lively discussion of Project’s scheduling parameters.

I also liked Steffen Reister’s session “10 Golden Rules to work with Microsoft Project“. Nine of the ten I’d heard before and generally agree with. His eighth rule, the “Highlander Principle” was fantastic, as it was something I’ve always been afraid to articulate. Once you add a second resource to a task, the complexity increases exponentially. Touting this flies in the face of Project’s capabilities, but it sure makes the user’s life much easier. (As I was a Highlander fan, this rule doubly piqued my interest!)