Linked-In firing up careers?

So the Manager-Tools guys have warmed up to social media, at least in the form of Linked-In. They just released a follow-up part 2 podcast to last week’s “LinkedIn For Managers“.

They referenced a Fortune article from last month that I hadn’t yet seen entitled “How LinkedIn will fire up your career“.

Fortune says “In today’s job market an invitation to “join my professional network” has become more obligatory — and more useful — than swapping business cards …”. It’s about connecting with your customers and colleagues. Recruiters are also interested. Unlike job boards like Dice and Monsters, most surfers on LinkedIn already have jobs, and “very often the most talented and sought-after recruits are those currently employed”. Recruiters now have a database of 60 million and growing of these “passive candidates” .

For internal recruiters, the cost savings should be significant. They no longer have to go through the headhunter middleman. Fortune quotes one IBM manager as saying “It’s a great equalizer for us. It gives the recruiter an opportunity to reach out directly to a candidate”.

Customers, colleagues, and now jobs. The IT manager has another reason to embrace Linked-In.