July 4th: Lots of Bang, No Bing

Happy Independence Day!

The July 4th celebrations helped contribute alot of Bang this week, but there was definitely not much Bing… According to the WSJ yesterday, “Microsoft is booking a $6.2 billion charge for its money-losing Internet division, an admission that a business anchored by the Bing search engine has failed to live up to its expectations”.

But as to the Bang…

  • Cisco reacted to backlash over pushing automatic updates to Linksys routers as part of the Cisco Connect Cloud effort. PC World quoted a Cisco spokesman as admitting “this was just a mistake”. Network World wondered “is it an indication of where we’re all going when we go into the cloud? Will we have all control and privacy stripped away at the whim of vendors looking to gain some financial leverage from that lack of control and privacy?”.