Money’s Best Jobs report likes IT but says IT management is stressful

In last month’s Money Magazine‘s “Best Jobs in America“, IT jobs ranked high, but so did stress particularly for managers.  Software architect ranked number one. They say “Even though programming jobs are moving overseas, the face-to-face aspect of this position helps cement local demand”. DBA ranked seventh. Further down the list of the top 100 were.

Money rated the jobs by pay, opportunity, and quality of life, which was made up of personal satisfaction, job security, future growth, benefit to society, low stress, and flexibility. It was interesting reading through the quality of life ratings, where IT work scored high in satisfaction and flexibility, but also high in stress. IT managers and project managers had the worst scores for stressful jobs – on par with ER physicians!

Regardless, I thought this a positive thing to note, given some of the latest this week from our own industry trade rags ….