International Project Managment Day?

Well it’s International Project Manager Day. Never heard of it? Me neither. I thought I was decently plugged into PMI, but I guess not. Apparently it’s been going on for seven years – first Thursday in November. And apparently it has more official sponsorship than SysAdmin Day. The purpose of IPM day is…

Worldwide recognition of the many project managers and project teams in every industry including non profit organizations and health care who contribute their time, energy, creativity, innovation, and countless hours to deliver products, services, facilities, and provide emergency and disaster recovery services in every city and community around the world.

The force behind IPM day is Frank Saladis, who sadly I have not heard of either (the PM-Podcast interviews him here). Saladis has written 7 books, is the editor of the All PM newsletter and the author of over 100 articles. He owns his own consultancy is also a Senior Project Management Instructor with the International Institute of Learning (IIL). Frank is of course, a PMP; he was PMI’s 2006 Person of the Year, a graduate from the PMI Leadership Institute class, and has been very involved with PMI as the president of the New York City PMI chapter for ten years among other leadership positions.

This year, at least, IPM Day seems to be anchored by a virtual conference held by IIL. It includes some presentations by PMI heavyweights like Harold Kerzner and Saladis himself. The big thing here is PDUs – we PMPs can get continuing education credits for watching — free ones at that! That is, if you have the patience to work through Brightcove’s buggy Flash presentations. Register here for up to 12 PDUs.