InformationWeek says Project Management Is Finally Getting Real Respect

InformationWeek published “Project Management Is Finally Getting Real Respect” last month. The article is based on an InformationWeek survey skewed towards IT.

Among the highlights of the article …

  • 70% of companies have formal PM methodologies.
  • Spreadsheets are the common PM tool. 82% use Excel. 2/3 use project-specific software with Microsoft Project over 80%.
  • Over half the companies surveyed have multiple PMOs based on the disciplines.
  • Most IT PMOs report to the CIO.
  • 75% of the companies say that the PMO does not manage every project. PMO ownership is based on factors in the adjacent chart.
  • There’s no real consensus on projects considered too small for the PMO. Less than 40 hours of work is one common breakpoint. Complexity (49%) and cost (38%) are the two most-cited reasons for when a project gets managed by the PMO.
  • Project managers this year cracked the six-figure mark–$105,000 in median pay, including cash bonuses–for the first time in InformationWeek’s annual U.S. Salary Survey.