HP “Makes Other Announcements” (jettisons PCs and tablets)

In a press release on their website today, HP announced they are dumping tablets and most likely their PC business as well. The announcement focused on a potential acquisition of Autonomy Corporation and dropped the bombs of the major strategy change as a “BTW” (the article title states “HP Confirms Discussions with Autonomy Corporation plc Regarding Possible Business Combination; Makes Other Announcements“) as well as lowering its financial targets for the third time this year. Despite another crazy yo-yo day on Wall Street, the WSJ didn’t miss the covert message, announcing “HP to Spin Off PCs, Exit Tablets” on the front of its site as I write this.

They sure didn’t give the Touchpad much time: there was the review from Mossberg, the price drop, and some name-calling at The Register, and wow, it’s gone. The PC split is more surprising though, although it is certainly not without precedent.