Hate the ribbon?

Hate the new Office ribbon? Me too. I have been an Office 2003 hold-out but a few months ago I was forced to move on to 2007. With Office 2010 out now, I suppose it was time. In its November 22 issue, ComputerWorld ran the article “Employees Still Flummoxed By Office’ Ribbon“, saying:

Forty-five percent of the more than 950 IT executives, managers and staffers Dimensional Research surveyed identified user training on the ribbon as a concern… That’s more than double the percentage who said they were worried about the software’s stability and reliability, and significantly higher than the percentage who voiced concerns over non-ribbon training issues and add-on compatibility problems.

Microsoft has an Office 2003-to-Office 2007 Flash-based interactive command interpreter on their site which, while not a panacea, is helpful if you can spare a minute to look up your command.

Access: http://office.microsoft.com/asstvid.aspx?&type=flash&assetid=XT010238915&vwidth=1044&vheight=788

Excel: http://office.microsoft.com/asstvid.aspx?&type=flash&assetid=XT010149329&vwidth=1044&vheight=788

Word: http://office.microsoft.com/asstvid.aspx?&type=flash&assetid=XT010076633&vwidth=1044&vheight=788

Powerpoint: http://office.microsoft.com/asstvid.aspx?&type=flash&assetid=XT010149327&vwidth=1044&vheight=788

There’s one for Outlook 2007 too, but it’s not as critical since Outlook didn’t get “ribbonized”, at least in Office 2007.