Hand Stylus a go

Hand Stylus apparently got its requested funding last night according to the founder’s post on Kickstarter.

Its $30 selling price is twice that of the current crop, but it sure looks worth it with its thin design and replaceable tips (six-pack for $5). I first read about this in Network World‘s Gearhead column and have been waiting for it to go on sale. Any stylus you can by now for the iPad feels and writes like a magic marker, which unless you are a five-year old is pretty worthless. The 4mm tip on this thing is a third smaller than that of incumbents. The iPad and Penultimate will be so much more useful if we can use it as a real notepad rather than a color book.

At its World Wide Developer Conference this week, Apple announced the new Macbook Pro built around the iPad’s Retina screen and all-flash storage. It’s beautiful, but starts at $2200. As InfoWorld says, “the future is here. We just can’t afford it yet”. I have never been a Mac-person, but I fell like I will be soon – as part of the announcement, Apple dropped the price of three of the four models in its signature MacBook Air line by $100.

Western Digital is entering the home router/WAP market. Yawn. Just as Cisco killed the Cius, the New York Times noted that tomorrow Microsoft will announce its own tablet based on the Windows RT operating system. Yawn x2. Speaking of Microsoft and tablets, the Office for iPad rumor has surfaced again. I really hope this is not “yawn x3″.