Google Drive

I love DropBox. Just today I overwrote an Excel spreadsheet. Can’t get it back in the Windows trash can, no… it’s gone forever. But wait, I had this file in a subfolder in DropBox. I simply go the website and checkout one of ten previous versions and I am good as gold. I backup all of my days work to a home server, but recovery can be no easier than it is with DropBox, and it can be recovered no matter where you are. My files are always there, regardless of my computer, location, etc. … and that includes my iPhone and iPad. Oh, and by the way, it is free for up to 2G (although I would gladly pay a few dollars a month for it).

As an avid reader of Walter Mossberg’s “Personal Technology”, I learned about Google Drive today in “Google Stores, Syncs, Edits in the Cloud“.

It appears to have all the functionality of DropBox plus integration with Google Apps. It bests DropBox by offering 5G free and lower pricing for larger amounts (i.e., 100G for $5/month as opposed to $20/mo at DropBox). Fortunately, Drive is not subject to Google’s general terms of service (which allows them to snoop whenever and whatever) that exists for their other products.

As Network World points out here, there are some potential issues with Google Drive, but the same is true for all cloud-based file services. In the end, cheap and “good enough” will win out in most cases. Steve Gibson reviews the major cloud storage solutions products in the last two “Security Now” podcasts – 349 and 350.

BTW, Microsoft is offering a “limited time loyalty offer” to upgrade your free storage on SkyDrive to 25G.