Goodbye 2010…

Every journalist and blogger has or will be giving their thoughts on 2010… and here is my my take: 2010 will be a milestone year in information technology.

The recession and the ensuing tactical responses from corporations to reduce cost combined with the continued maturation of third party hosting and ASP services brought cloud computing to a feasible and valuable alternative to traditional IT. The advent of the cloud combined with advances in smart phone technology (e.g., iPhone, Android, etc.) and the iPad tablet also gave new life to the idea of thin clients and the old concept of “network computers”. The Google browser-only computer even made a prototype appearance and was reviewed by Walter Mossberg of the WSJ.

On the consumer front, the Amazon Kindle along with the iPad and a few other e-readers have finally seemed to convince the world of their staying power and the sea-change in traditional publishing. While the book, magazine, and newspaper industry has been in great decline for the last couple of years, it feels like this past year was the culmination. This fact was brought home to me this week when I learned my once favorite hometown bookstore, Davis-Kidd Booksellers, went out of business.