From (ISC)2: CBTs, finally

Breaking news from the (ISC)2 website:

(ISC)² is pleased to provide the opportunity for candidates to take computerized examinations via Computer-Based Testing (CBT) at local testing centers worldwide. This new testing method provides candidates with top-of-the-line security measures and a comfortable testing environment. Further, candidates are able to take their examination closer to home, saving both time and money.

They have finally given up on paper-based CISSP exams, Scantron bubble sheets, number 2 pencils, and six hour exams in cold hotel conference rooms. I do not remember that as a pleasant experience. That was a long time to be sitting at a desk taking a test. Much longer than any exam I took in graduate school. Even the CPA is broken up by lunches and days. Yet in a way, I regret they have changed. Shouldn’t everyone have to undergo that displeasure? A rite of passage, maybe?

Well, there is still ISACA I guess…