First “Server 8″ reports from Build

The journalists and Microsoft pundits are now reporting the latest on “Server 8″ from Microsoft’s Build conference…

Network World ‘s Tom Henderson says “There’s an argument to say that it’s not actually Windows“.  Microsoft apparently prefers Windows 8 Server editions to be run in Server Core format, although Windows GUI will be available if desired. It is a cloud operating system designed specifically to compete with VMWare. Andy Patrizio says “If you want a cloud OS, you’re in for a treat. If not, too bad.”

Yet InfoWorld lists many new features in its  in its “10 best new features of Windows Server 8“. “Whatever grudge you may hold against Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 8 will almost certainly make amends”.

Mark Minasi – the go-to author for Windows client and server books – provided a look at the new Windows Server with a newsletter update. He says Server “smells more mainframe-y, more enterprise-y, more reliable-y than ever before”. He also says it is “cloudier” and they could have called it “Windows Azure Foundation Server, version 1.0″. His newsletter is online here. Don’t let the dated site design throw you – Minasi knows his stuff and is a great communicator.

And of course, maybe the BIGGEST news from the desktop side …. a new BSOD screen!