I wrote an article twelve years ago about network faxing where I responded to the questions “Why fax when you can e-mail?” “What about the paperless office?” “We have the Internet now. What do we need a fax machine for?”

There I stated that despite the popular sentiment that the technology was dying, enterprise faxing was thriving. Apparently, it still is. I recently uncovered a faxing service that my department supposedly supported and it has been sending out 3000 faxes each day for customer leads. Recently the service has been degrading and customers are calling complaining.

I looked at outsourced solutions from ATT, Premiere Global, Envisioned Solutions, and Biscom. Even though I was able to secure a price as low as a couple of cents per page, at this volume it is cheaper to do it in-house. So I bought a new fax server solution. In 2010. Who’d have thought?