DNS Changer

You have probably had countless end-users ask, and now even the WSJ is reporting potentially 300,000 Internet users will lose connectivity to the Internet tomorrow if they haven’t removed DNSChanger malware. This is really old news – the FBI and DoJ discovered this click-jacking scheme late last fall and busted a group from Estonia. They had planned to shutdown the rogue DNS servers in March but delayed until tomorrow to allow more time for victims to cleanup. Network World reported Friday that Tacoma, Wash.-based Internet Identity (IID) “said that its scans showed 12% of Fortune 500 firms, or about one out of every eight, harbored DNSChanger-compromised computers or routers. And two out of 55 scanned U.S. government departments or agencies — or 3.6% — also had failed to scrub all their PCs and Macs.”

So here’s to hoping your help desks aren’t swamped tomorrow.

Love this graphic. It's from ValueWalk.com