DropBox replaced the hard drive last week

Or did you not hear?

DropBox held its first developers conference last week and announced new tools with the Sync API, Drop-Ins, and the DataStore API. CEO Drew Houston kicked off his keynote with attention-grabbing “Today the hard drive goes away, and we replace the hard drive”.dropbox

More big cloud talk ignoring the trifecta of worries of privacy, security and reliability (remember this?). Also there’s the latency factor if you actually put all of your storage in the cloud. And as PC World points out in “The promise and perils of replacing your hard drive with Dropbox“, DropBox’s $10/month can pay for an external drive pretty quickly. FastCompany asserts that “Dropbox Will Never Fully Replace The Hard Drive“.

Still as Time’s Harry McCracken said, “I wasn’t sure whether Houston’s statement was too audacious, or not audacious enough.” I personally already rely heavily on DropBox. It is ubiquitous and so convenient.