Dell buys Wyse

I remember Wyse from many years back. It always seemed to be a solution searching for a problem or a technology almost there but not really. Or a niche player — it tried to fill the niche for SCO POS and other X-Windows systems. Then I remember the Wyse Winterm in the late 90s to address the thin client network computer hype. Then I lost track of it.

Regardless, Dell, fresh off their SonicWall acquisiton, has just purchased Wyse, and the WSJ refers to them a “Cloud Software Maker” in its announcement of the deal.
Both the Wyse and Dell websites state “Dell announces intent to acquire Wyse technology”. Dell’s Jeff Clark, president of End User Computing solutions summarizes Dell’s interest in the products.

Desktop virtualization can help organizations streamline IT management, improve productivity and security, and increase cost efficiency for discrete workloads or usage scenarios. The Wyse Technology desktop virtualization capability complements Dell’s strongest-ever device and computing solutions portfolio, and strengthens our position in offering customers among the broadest set of computing choices from the edge to the core to the cloud.

Network World puns with “Dell’s acquisition a Wyse one“. “Forbes says Dell “…Isn’t Kidding About This Post PC Stuff” and in February quoted Michael Dell as saying “Dell isn’t really a PC company”. Yeah, okay.





PC Magazine states Wyse claims to have shipped more than 20 million units worldwide, and has 200 million people interacting with its products every day. Of course, since Wyse is not public, that cannot be substantiated. The company also says has more than 180 patents, both issued and pending, that cover its software and other intellectual property. Yet I hadn’t really heard of it as a big VDI vendor, but then again that’s not a big space nor one I watch closely.