Cool iPad Apps

I have started using three new iPad apps over the past week that show real promise.

The first isĀ Chrome for iPad seems as fast as Safari and is integrated with the desktop versions storing/syncing bookmarks and open sessions much like Yahoo’s Axis promised to be.

While we continue to wonder if there will be a Microsoft Office for iPad, two new products try to fill the gap.

  • Cloud On, a cloud-based Office desktop has been out a while. However, it required one to open a big range of ports on their firewall, virtually eliminating use in a corporate environment. They have finally added TCP-based connectivity that makes it palatable for the enterprise.
  • AEP Networks (Netilla) Secure Access for the iPad is an enterprise solution and requires the Cloud Protect solution along with Windows Terminal Services. This solution provides secure RDP sessions for Microsoft Office or any applications installed on a terminal server.

All three require online access to be function.