COBIT 5 Intro Casts

ISACA yesterday and last Wednesday presented introductory presentations on COBIT5. Both presentations are available for non-members of ISACA and cert holders will get a CPE for each.

Unfortunately the first one, A “COBIT 5 Overview” was a bit of a sleeper. It was presented by the ISACA president and two of the COBIT5 authors who are SMEs rather than speakers. The second, “5 Essential Facts About COBIT 5“, from a marketing VP and evangelist, is a much better experience albeit very “fluffy”.

Here’s a summary.

  1. COBIT 5 approaches IT governance from a business perspective and helps an organization maximize the trust in, and value from, its information and technology. COBIT5 is a top-down framework that can ensure stakeholders needs are met and ensure they understand what the IT resources are, where they are, how you use the resources, and how they are aligned with the organization.
  2. COBIT 5 is the only business framework for the governance and management of enterprise IT. COBIT’s globally accepted principles, practices, analytical tools and models are designed for business executives – not just IT leaders. Furthermore, COBIT 5 can be used in any industry and by organizations of all sizes.
  3. COBIT 5 is relevant and necessary. It helps you address the needs of stakeholders across the enterprise and clarify goals for more effective decision making. It provides a systematic approach and common lexicon for addressing many of today’s most challenging aspects of meeting enterprise performance goals and maximizing the value of corporate information.
  4. COBIT 5 helps bring order to complex standards, regulations and frameworks. No other framework has the breadth of COBIT 5. It provides an end‐to‐end framework that integrates other approaches and standards and addresses all areas of the enterprise.It is designed not to replace, but to complement and integrate.
  5. COBIT 5 represents the collective wisdom of global experts. It delivers thought leadership and guidance from business and IT leaders worldwide. It is the product of a
    global task force and development team from ISACA, a nonprofit, independent association of nearly 100,000 governance, security, risk and assurance professionals in 160
    countries. The most significant evolution in the framework’s 16‐year history, COBIT 5 was reviewed by more than 95 experts worldwide. Hundreds more contributed, ensuring it reflects the power of many minds coming together.

In my opinion, #4 and #5 are the main differentiators from previous versions and the most ambitious objectives. Integrating with the non-ISACA frameworks such as ITIL and ISO, and even the ISACA frameworks, like Val-IT and Risk-IT, are tall orders, but at least the need is acknowledge.