COBIT 5 Generally Available on April 10

Yesterday ISACA published an April 10th release for the new COBIT version 5 process framework. They say it is “the most significant evolution in the framework’s 16-year history”.

I perused the “exposure draft” preview last fall. Supposedly v5 incorporates ISACA’s other guidance, research and frameworks such as Val IT, Risk IT, BMIS, ITAF and the Board Briefing. And it is supposed to have better alignment with non-ISACA standards such as ITIL, TOGAF and ISO.

ISACA lists these principles as the foundation for COBIT 5.

Principle 1:  Meeting Stakeholder Needs—Enterprises exist to create value and manage risk. You can customize COBIT 5 and create value for your stakeholders through the use of your information technology.

Principle 2:  Covering the Enterprise End-to-end—This means that COBIT 5 does more than focus on the IT function. It treats information and technology as assets that need to be dealt with just like any other asset.

Principle 3:   Applying a Single, Integrated Framework—There is an alphabet soup of IT-related standards and best practices. Each provides guidance on a subset of IT activities. COBIT 5 aligns with them at a high level and serves as an overarching framework to simplify the complexity.

Principle 4:  Enabling a Holistic Approach—COBIT 5 defines seven enablers that support the implementation of a comprehensive approach to govern and manage enterprise IT.

Principle 5: Separating Governance From Management—COBIT 5 recognizes that these two separate disciplines are involved in different types of activities, serve different purposes and require different organizational structures.