CISSP industry growth

According to an interview with (ISC)2’s Executive Director W. Hord Tipton by Eric B. Parizo, Senior Site Editor at SearchSecurity, a top priority at ISC2 is significantly increasing the number of CISSPs. Tipton said “I need to find 2 million people in three years to come close to meeting the expected need.”

Personally I hate to hear this, as such an aggressive growth stance for a certification eventually cheapens its value. I tend to concur with the comments of Mark McKeay (host of The Network Security Podcast) who is also quoted in that article.

The incessant beating of the drum of the (ISC)2 to add more CISSPs is becoming a bit strident. I think they do a disservice to the current CISSPs by really providing little or no value beyond the letters once you have your CISSP. They don’t give back to the group or the community much, and they don’t do a very good job communicating if they are doing things for the community behind the scenes.