Cisco announces upgrades to Cat 6500?

The WSJ reported today that Cisco is “expected to announce an overhaul of its most popular product, a switching system called the Catalyst 6500“.

What? Huh? Didn’t they already do that last year with the Nexus line and FabricPath?

Cisco’s John McCool, senior vice president in charge of switching equipment, said that rather than buy entire new systems, customers can plug new hardware modules into chassis they already own. He says “We can make this new heart and brain work with the old legs and limbs. This is not a message our competitors are going to be happy to hear.” Product managers for the Nexus line may not be happy to hear this either.Cisco Catalyst 6500

Still, many of those owning  the 700,000 installed base of 6500s may feel comfort they will not be forced to purchase Nexus gear.

It is interesting this was announced first on Wall Street rather than trade journals and blogs.