Chrome Surpasses IE

The WSJ, ZDNet, and CNN (among others) reported today that Chrome has surpassed IE as the leader in the browser wars. Apparently, according to ZDNet, “The last time Internet Explorer (IE) wasn’t the top Web browser in the world, late 1998, Bill Clinton was president”. All three source cite StatCounter’s report on the week of May 13 where Chrome had 33% of the global market, versus 32% for Internet Explorer and 25% for Firefox. CNN cautions that not all Internet trackers have identical data, but I think Chrome has definitely reached the mainstream.

I love this graphic ... stole it from

It’s sad that Firefox, who has been the darling for so long, was not able to reach these heights. Then again, I have become so frustrated with its memory leaking buggy bloat over the past year that I can almost say “good riddance”.