Bye-bye Borders

Today the WSJ announced “Borders begins liquidation sales at all stores“. While it is not quite an “end of an era” as the Borders Group President says, it is a bit sobering and sad. Here in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Borders was a great place to get away, peruse, think, and … unfortunately increasingly less so, purchase. While I frequented Borders much in the past decade, most of the time, I would peruse books, write the titles in a note on my Blackberry or iPhone, and go home to see what the Amazon reviews said. If they were positive and I was still interested, I usually bought from Amazon, which was even cheaper than Borders with a 33% coupon. In the last year or so, I ordered in Kindle format for consumption on the PC, iPhone and iPad and avoided the shipping expense altogether. And with technical books, my $40/month subscription to Safari Books Online covers almost all of my needs.

I was really hoping somebody like an investment group or JK Rowling would rescue Borders, but in the end, I realized I am simply reacting from nostalgia. I certainly would not invest any money in Borders. And while I hope the best for B&N and Books-A-Million, I won’t be investing in – or even purchasing from – them either. If there was a local independent bookstore, near my house, with coffee and Wi-Fi, maybe. But then again, the local Borders was about two miles away and I had forsaken them.