BNET’s advice on manipulating your boss

Great post over on BNET yesterday: “5 Ways To Secretly Manipulate Your Boss”. At least three of these have been used on me!

METHOD #1: Hijack Your Manager’s Meetings

This one’s a bit implausible in this context, but the message whoever writes the meeting minutes or notes has great impact on the meeting’s influence is very poignant.

METHOD #2: Bury Crucial Information in a Long Report

Yep, this has been done to me. It’s hard for the source to claim plausible deniability though. If they are a manager or a lead, they are either incompetent or trying to sabotage you.

METHOD #3: Force a Decision Through the Illusion of Choice

This one is just human nature. We all try to paint our favorite in the best possible light even if subconsciously. Managers just need need to perform some level of due diligence to mitigate this.

METHOD #4: Create the Impression that You’re Overworked

Definitely seen this. I think if any of your directs ever do this on a regular basis, you have big problems.

METHOD #5: Provide destructive feedback at exactly the wrong time

Seen this once or twice. Evil, evil people.